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Unlike so many chapter and affiliate meetings that educators are required to attend, the monthly or bimonthly regularly scheduled state affiliate meeting becomes a source of inspiration and guidance toward making one’s vocation a sacred mission, rather than just a career.


State affiliates are the backbone and state representative of the LAACE National Organization. Their mission and purpose is to increase the support and networking for Latino Christian educators, administrators and educational leaders. It is within State Affiliate meetings that Christian educators can find professional camaraderie, opportunities for leadership, and strengthening of their faith as it relates to day-to-day challenges. Within the setting of affiliate meetings, Christian educators feel connected, not only to each other locally, but to the organization nationally, and to all it has to offer.  State Affiliates are also a voice and conduit that advocates for all students, especially the underrepresented Latino students.  In their state communities they are an extension of LAACE by which they serve to build a solid network of influence and advocacy at the national level.


LAACE will help with first steps to start your own State Affiliate organization with helpful tips on starting a 501(c)3. Assist in helping you develop your own mentoring and protégé program, and in developing your first  regional colloquium  to generate necessary ongoing funding for operations and sustainability of the affiliate.


"Will you today pray and consider starting a State Affiliate".  Join LAACE in being a educator/leader and visionary in building a strong network of transformational faith centered educators and administrators across the United States and its territories. 

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Latino Association of Administrators

& Christian Educators, Inc.

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