1st Annual National Educational Colloquium


Teaching or administering in a public, charter, or private school as a committed Christian can be challenging, wearing, and lonely; particularly for Latino educators.  Join  us at our 1st Annual The National Educational Colloquium this is YOUR chance to join Christian educators, administrators, faculty members, advocates, professionals, church leaders, and students in exploring new perspectives and trends in education related to teaching and faith. Educators from around the USA and its territories will attend this transformational event.  Get the information and insider communications about what is happening across the country and locally within the schooling culture and what they are doing about it. Learn from expert speakers about current issues in the courts to assure the religious freedoms of educators, parents, and students. This colloquium is designed for educators and church leaders from across the country to work and partner together to address the challenges in public, charter and public schools, particularly those impacting Latino students. Engage in strategic and meaningful discussions and identify solutions that can be applied across the educational landscape.  Are you ready?   





During the Friday evening of our National Educational Colloquium, we will hold our 1st Award Banquet  Gala. The evening event will begin with a networking pre-reception hors d’oeuvres hour, followed by a plated dinner and awards ceremony, celebrating those Christian educators and church leaders who make a unique and innovative impact in our schools, organizations, and institutions and for our Latino students.

If you identify yourself as a Latino faith-centered educator and want to create more equitable educational opportunities

for all students, particularly Latino students through your witness and leadership, we invite you to join the association.


We encourage, develop, equip, and empower Christian educators and administrators to effectively fulfill their calling as teachers and agents of transformation in their schools.


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