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The Latino Association of Administrators and Christian Educators in Public Schools (LAACE) is a 501c.(3) non-profit national association of experiential faith centered educators and administrators working in public, private and charter schools across the United States and its territories. The members of LAACE are Christian educators and administrators who have a relentless and uncompromising commitment to equity in education, particularly among the underrepresented Latino student population. We purpose and believe that it is our calling and  destiny as faith centered educators to advocate and pursue public policies that address the needs of all students, particularly of all of the subgroups of la familia Latina.


  • We encourage, develop, equip, and empower Christian educators and administrators to effectively fulfill their God given calling as teachers and agent of transformation in their schools.

  • Improve embedded instructional practices for ALL students, particularly Latino students who are linguistically and culturally diverse children.

  • Provide faith-centered educators and administrators with more high-quality professional development and leadership opportunities.

  • Advocate and help secure adequate funding for the programs that address the issue of equity and quality education, develop core values of character in all students, and also serve the needs of Latino students.

  • Maintain and keep the rights of language-minority and culturally diverse Americans clearly in focus as public education moves forward with transformational and educational reforms.


To develop a national network of Latino Christian educators to fulfill their God ordained and vocational calling as teachers and serve as agents of transformation in their schools.


We believe, in the triune eternal God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We believe, in The Holy Scripture as the inspired Word of God. We believe, in Christ the Son of God, His virgin birth, His crucifixion, His bodily resurrection and His return. We believe, that new life and spiritual conversion is empowered and enable through the Holy Spirit, and that the Holy Spirit enables us to live a Godly life.

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